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Meet the team Who We've Worked With Why are we called E3i?
With over 20 years of on-the-ground HR and people experience at the sharp end of business, there is no better team to work with.

We are 'The People Experts' helping solve your people issues, making HR easy, with our experienced and professional team. 

Problems with contracts? We can help. Performance issues? We can help. Need to restructure but not sure how to go about it? We can help. You name it, we've done it! You are not on your own with E3i on your side.

We are currently helping businesses review and renew their people processes, delivering management development programmes & innovative mentoring workshops, transforming internal communication, delivering company restructures, life coaching for senior leaders, 360 degree appraisal delivery and coaching, creating volume recruitment campaigns and other exciting projects. 

Take a look at more of our services below and call us today.

E3i - The People Experts - an A-Z of how we can help you
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Change management

With years of experience carrying out change programmes, we can help you plan, prepare and land complex change programmes in your business. Change that will be well executed and impact your business in a lasting and engaging way
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Employee innovation

Your team have great ideas to make your business better. We can help you release the ideas and innovation of your teams just waiting for you to tap into, using bespoke innovation schemes, pulse surveys or focus groups
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Deep dive reviews

Our experienced HR consultants will help you review and measure the impact of your people strategies and, using the E3i deep dive tool, give you the best advice to refocus on the issues that really matter in your business
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Employee surveys

We are specialists in employee insight surveys with access to the best survey platforms and easy to read reports. The business intelligence you get from superb employee experience E3 insight will give you all you need to transform your world of work. We can also help you post survey with focus groups and ongoing consultancy support
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Recruitment & Search

Having the right people in your team is crucial for your business. Through our excellent Executive Search and Recruitment services we can help you find and recruit the best people to help you grow your business, from Directors to customer service employees
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Health and wellbeing

Looking after your people is a key ingredient for employee engagement. We've developed wellbeing programmes and workshops that have impacted absence rates, turnover and engagement. From smoking cessation to eating healthily, we have a great wellbeing team here to help you
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HR services

Our CIPD qualified consultants can guide you through all of your HR challenges from restructures, ER advice, policy reviews, employee handbook creation, appraisals, competency frameworks, talent and succession planning and employment contracts
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Internal communication

Your people want to be involved and need to know what is happening in your business. We've helped businesses create effective communication campaigns, for day-to-day issues as well as complex change projects. We can also give you your own virtual IC team with our superb MUSE service
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Learning and development

The key to success is having people who are enabled with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to do their jobs to the max. We have the best L&D team to help you ensure your teams are equipped to deliver
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Leadership coaching

Every leader and manager needs a good coach to help them be the best that they can be. Our experts have coached CEOs, MDs and managers to release their inner potential to achieve superb results. Need a little help? Speak to us today
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People strategy

Core to the success of every business is their people strategy. We can help you review or devise a people strategy that will ensure you have all the bases covered, from employee value proposition creation to recruitment, we can help you
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Pulse surveys

Large surveys give you valuable insight, but sometimes you may just want to make a quick check of what it is like to be out there or measure the impact of an initiative. Our pulse surveys enable you to do just that, quickly and easily
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