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So why are we called E3i ?

"It's no longer enough to talk only about employee engagement‚Äč. For true and lasting impact, you need to engage, enable and empower your people. All three elements have to be in place to make your company truly successful" - James Dalton, CEO & Founder, E3i

Over the years we have seen many companies develop great people strategies, only to struggle to sustain high levels of engagement because two critical elements had not been addressed. We developed the E3i insight model to include not only engagement, but the two other essential elements of enablement and empowerment. With all three Es in place we have seen spectacular results! 

So, there you go. E3i - the three Es of engage, enable and empower combined with insight - E3i !

Through our E3i Insight for Leaders assessments, employee surveys and expert guidance we will give you the E3 Insight you need to truly transform the world of work for your employees and help you release the untapped potential in your company!

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So why are the three E's so important?

  • Are your people and teams going the extra mile, giving amazing service for you and       your customers?
  • Do your leaders motivate your employees to give their best to do their jobs, day in, day    out?
  • Do you involve everyone in running your business?
  • Do your people have the equipment and tools at their disposal that they need to‚Äč deliver    for your customers and their team mates?
  • Do they have the skills and training to do their best every day?
  • Do you enable your people to do a great job?
  • Are your leaders equipped to release the potential in your teams by trusting them to        deliver?
  • Do you give your people the power & autonomy to make decisions in their jobs?
  • Do you listen to the views and opinions of your employees and encourage new ideas?
If you can't answer yes to all of these questions, then you need our help! 

Using our E3 insight model of Engage, Enable and Empower, we can help you unleash the potential of your company through your employees, managers and leaders. We'll help you create high performing teams!

Having the three E's in place releases your team's ultimate performance and will help you solve those thorny HR issues with your workforce.
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